our concept

Life’s greatest moments,
all begin at one good place...
the great good place.


WHIZDOM 101 Bangkok, also known as the great good place, was creates as an oasis in midst of Bangkok

An oasis for the mind and soul, where satisfaction comes from deep within. This satisfaction is derived from home and the surrounding community being the great good place, catering to all of the modern urbanite's needs and wants. Outside of the usual conveniences and visceral needs what makes WHIZDOM 101 so special is that has been carefully created to meet the urbanite's ideals. The innovative retail complex and homes provide a deep sense of fulfillment through a focus on values that unite us as humans,making us feel safe, nurtured, and cared for,while helping us to give back with eco-conscious and community-focused services, all in lush, green surrounding.

Welcome, to your perfect world within a world,at the great good place... WHIZDOM101


Great for you, great for business, great for the community, great for earth... great for a life of fulfillment.

WHIZDOM101 is a one-stop world for all your needs, wants, and aspirations. With restaurants, shopping, an exercise club, working spaces, libraries, interactive event spaces and parks, great good living begins at your doorstep - literally. Connect with one another with Whizdom Society, in places conducive to learning and living your best, from studio spaces to interactive events and exhibitions

Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC) have undertaken extensive research to determine what creates fulfillment for today's busy, time-poor urbanite, and came up with the concept of WHIZDOM101 - the great good place. WHIZDOM101 aims to be 'THE THIRD PLACE', where people can drop their worries at the door and feel 'at home', in an atmosphere that is convivial to relaxation and comfort. To deliver this WHIZDOM101 has gone beyond the conventional condominium, department store, office complex, or community mall offering, providing a complete one-stop shop the answers needs, wants, and desires, all at once. WHIZDOM101 is an innovative retail complex that brings together nature with the digital life, combining innovation with thoughtfulness to inspire and narture visitors and residents in the surrounding areas.


A 24-hour library, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, banks, beauty services, post offices, sports club, outdoor bike paths, green enclaves – 101 The Third Place’s layout and the retail businesses within have been especially selected and invited to become a part of the complex to provide variety in the offering, based on how they can add to residents’ and visitors’ lives. It is all part of bringing our concept to life, of being THE THIRD PLACE, or the place between home and work, where everything you may want or need is found outside of home or work is waiting for you here. It’s our way of providing extended services to our community to make life easier.

101 PARK

“Nature lives in man,
so man must live in nature”

As humans, we are at one with nature, which is why “101 The Third Place” blurs the lines between indoors and the outdoors, with lush enclaves and a tropical garden, along with a rooftop urban farm, creating a community space within the complex. 1 acre of garden creates a border between Sukhumvit Road and “101 The Third Place”, so you are truly welcomed into a green oasis in the midst of the city’s grey, upon arrival.

Vast expanses of lawn, likened to those found at campuses ovesrseas and in public parks, will be spread throughout the complex, indoors and outdoors, converting into a huge entertainment area suitable for large events, from sports to concerts and the like. Visitors can stretch out, accompanied by food from selected vendors nearby, while watching live events in this 20,000 square meter interactive area and event space.


Live, Love, Exercise

Thailand’s first-ever milti-level 1.3 kilometer bike lane and jogging track, the 101 TRACK whizzes around the building indoors and outdoors through its innovative tropical gardens and is a giver of incredible views. The 101 TRACK is easy access from the skytrain public transportation system.


“Our curious cravings connect us”

Hillside Town is designed in such a way that visitors feel like they are visiting a town within a valley, and are led to explore the different areas of this town, through the curves in the paths and gently sloping walkways and steps. Just as the layout of Hillside Town is like no other in Bangkok, so are the retailers located here, from lifestyle restaurants and cafes outfitted in quirky, unique atmosphere, to the cuisines that they offer. Stores here may offer a complete lifestyle experience, from food to fashion.


“Life’s too short for sleep”

“101 The Third Place” is a one-stop world for all your With today’s busy and nomadic lifestyles, digitally-savvy consumers are on the lookout for products that cater to their needs, instantaneously, like the instant gratification of their digital lifestyles. 24-hour Street does just this, offering convenient services such as food, a mini-mart, banking services, and 24-hour library nearby, in safe surroundings, wired and never going to sleep.