Oilino Crape
Oilino Crape

open จ-อา (Mon - Sun) 10.00 a.m.-10.00 p.m.

Dare you to try plain crepe
Olino Crepe have a unique that delicious if just eat only plain crepe. There are 7 favors; Murasaki Imo (Ube), Matcha, Sakura, Milo, Cocoa, Charcoal and original. Its fit with premium topping, so many thai people and forginers like it very much.

Olino tea also good quality as much as other brand. We take care all menu with ourself such;
Organic rice tea - our signature premium tea that whoever drink will like it. We take care all step start from select tea leaf, boiling step is important for good smell and good taste. Meanwhile, We are keep thinking new menu always. Our indegrient are imported from Japan. We have many premium tea such as Genmai tea, Uji Kyoto Matcha, Murasaki Imo Latte or Hojicha etc.