Bon Chon
Bon Chon

open จ-อา (Mon - Sun) 10.00 a.m.-10.00 p.m.

BonChon is one of the most popular and fastest growing restaurant chains today. The incredible crisp of the skin, devoid of grease and fat, makes BonChon Chicken truly unique when compared to other fried chicken. We use a frying technique which takes as long as 20 minutes involving a double-frying of the chicken at various temperatures transforming the skin into a paper-thin, crackly and almost transparent crust, while of course maintaining the juicy meat inside. This is complemented by two classic flavors, soy garlic and hot, whose ingredients are kept secret even to us (though we are told that there are more than 30 ingredients in each sauce). The sauce is painstaking glazed over each piece in a time consuming process, but the end result is a fried chicken of the highest crisp, taste and quality-mouth-watering to say the least!