Meridian Clinic
Meridian Clinic

open จ-อา (Mon - Sun) 10.00 a.m.-10.00 p.m.

Meridian Health & Herbs Acupuncture Clinic applies traditional Chinese therapeutic approaches such as acupuncture, pulse and tongue diagnosis, cupping, guasa to to take care of your health problem.

Acupuncture treatment is effective for numerous types of symptoms.

Musculoskeletal Pain: Acute and chronic pain in various areas of the body, numbness, sports injuries.

Nervous system disorders: insomnia, stress, migraine, chronic headache, paralysis, paralysis (not more than 6 months)

Respiratory Diseases: Allergy, breathing, Sinusitis, Asthma

Gastroenterology: Gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Obstetrics & Gynecology: Menstrual disorders (Menstrual cramps, menstruation more / less normal Lack of menstruation Normal menstrual irregular heartbeat

Digestive system: Chronic constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Urinary Tract Infections
Body System Rebalance: Regenerate the balance system (chi), blood, yin, yang.

There are also special treatment programs such as cupping, guasa, electrical stimulation, magnetic ear pin, heat lamp, Chinese herbal golden pearl mask, and Chinese herbal capsules. Easy to eat. Chemical free and effective.

Acupuncture Beauty Program: Acne care, hormone rebalance, treatment of melasma, etc.

Acupuncture for Personality: Slimming, hair fall, height increase, infertility.

Visit us for consulting & health diagnosis. Starting from just Bt 300!