our concept


“101 The Third Place” was created as an oasis in the midst of Bangkok.

An oasis for the mind and soul, where satisfaction comes from deep within. This satisfaction is derived from home and the surrounding community being the great good place, catering to all of the modern urbanite's needs and wants. Outside of the usual conveniences and visceral needs what makes WHIZDOM 101 so special is that has been carefully created to meet the urbanite's ideals. The innovative retail complex and homes provide a deep sense of fulfillment through a focus on values that unite us as humans,making us feel safe, nurtured, and cared for,while helping us to give back with eco-conscious and community-focused services, all in lush, green surrounding.

Welcome, to your perfect world within a world, at “101 The Third Place”.

Great for you, great for business, great for the community, great for earth... great for a life of fulfillment.

“101 The Third Place” is a one-stop world for all your needs, wants, and aspirations. With restaurants, shopping, exercise club, working spaces, libraries, interactive event spaces, and parks. Connect with one another with Whizdom Society, in places conducive to learning and living your best, from studio spaces to interactive events and exhibitions.

Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC) have undergone extensive research to determine what creates fulfillment for today’s busy, time-poor urbanite, and came up with the concept of “101 The Third Place”.

“101 The Third Place” aims to be ‘THE THIRD PLACE’, where people can drop their worries at the door and feel ‘at home’, in an atmosphere that is convivial to relaxation and comfort. To deliver this, “101 The Third Place” has gone beyond the conventional department store or community mall offering, providing a complete one-stop shop that answers needs, wants, and desires, all at once.

“101 The Third Place” is an innovative retail complex that brings together nature with the digital life, combining innovation with thoughtfulness to inspire and nurture visitors and residents in the surrounding areas.


As its centerpiece, is vertical living - three high-rise condominiums that bring important to modern quality living. Space is vast for small living area, with 17 rai of land being taken up, while 30% of the land is dedicated to green spaces and the other 35% left open. Jogging tracks and bicycle lanes promise space to live well, while a 30-year warranty with preventative care service eases worries. Built with sustainable innovation in mind, the condominiums utilize energy-saving technologies, non-toxic building materials, premium in-unit ventilation, and tech-foward conveniences such as one-touch home automation systems. These systems combine controls for light switches, air-conditioning, and other home appliances on one platform, available in a handy application format.